Planning Your Dale Chihuly Commission

Planning Your Dale Chihuly Commission

The Maurine Littleton Gallery has been representing Dale Chihuly and his work for nearly 30 years. If you would like to commission your own Chihuly sculpture, please contact the gallery at (202) 333-9307 or email us at The gallery will walk you through the process involved on a one-on-one basis.

Once you have contacted the gallery we will cover a few basics, including:

  • What style(s) of Dale's work are you considering for the space
  • What colors or forms are you drawn toward
  • What scale of sculpture do you envision for the space
  • What budget, or range of budget, are you considering

As the commissioning process unfolds, we will work with you to collect the items Dale and his team need to execute the project. The most commonly requested items are: photographs of the space (with the potential sculpture location marked); photographs that walk a viewer through the space, showing the vantage points from which the sculpture will be seen; any photographs that show the structure of the ceilings, walls, and lighting; and dimensioned blueprints.

Once we have the basic information to start the commission process, we will work with you on the proposal, contract/payment, and project development phases of the project.

Moderately scaled projects take a minimum of 8-10 months. Larger projects that may have multiple sculptures may take 9-12 months. If the site is under construction, the project timeline may follow the construction timeline.

Please contact Maurine Littleton at (202) 333-9307 or at (email) to find out more information.

Maurine Littleton Gallery
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Contact Maurine Littleton at (email) or (telephone) 202.333.9307.

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