Ginny Ruffner - The Urban Garden (Update)

Gallery artist Ginny Ruffner’s outdoor installation “The Urban Garden” has been completed. The installation is located at the NW corner of 7th Avenue & Union Street in downtown Seattle. Several types of giant flowers will bloom atop a large (9 'tall x 7' wide) steel flowerpot. In the course of a 15 minute cycle, after they are periodically watered by a watering can, the stalk of blue flowers will open and close. A viewing window will enable viewers to see the interior mechanisms at work. The flowerpot saucer will provide seating, as well as nearby benches. If you are in Seattle be sure to check it out.

UG evening glam

me grinning, UG

To learn more about Ginny Ruffner’s “Urban Garden”, visit her website.

Artwork by Ginny Ruffner can be viewed at the Maurine Littleton Gallery Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM and by appointment.

Maurine Littleton Gallery
1667 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC


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